How FASS Works

FASS Fuel Systems unique diesel fuel pump is an industry leading design, intended for improved fuel flow, while maintaining consent fuel pressure and offering superior diesel fuel filtration over your factory equipment and other competitors in the aftermarket.

What makes the FASS Titanium Series pump so unique is that our engineers have paid special attention to the details in our pumps design that our competitors may overlook. This has allowed our engineers to continue improving our pumps design over the years.

The most important feature in the FASS System is the advanced filtration process, during which our system filters you diesel fuel as low as 3 microns, while simultaneously filtering out water/vapor and air. Providing your diesel engine with the cleanest and purest fuel possible. All Titanium fuel pumps are machined using our Performance Radius Cuts (PRC), an exclusive feature only found on FASS Fuel System products. This not only aids in the fuel flow by creating nonrestrictive pathways, but also eliminates 90 degree angles that will create fuel vortex which reintroduce air to your fuel after the filtration process.

FASS Fuel Systems Exclusive Features:

    FASS Fuel Systems exclusive feature, FASS Silencing Technology aids in limiting pump noise.FASS Fuel Systems exclusive feature, MASS Flow Retun (MFR).   FASS Fuel Systems exclusive feature, FASS Performance Radius Cuts (PRC) allows free flowing fuel.