"Man it is QUIET!"

Andrew S writes:
"I have a 2001 Cummins with a set of compound turbos on it. I ordered your FASS 150 pump and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier! Installation was a piece of cake thanks to the color directions, and man is it QUIET! The last pump I had was an Airdog 165 and I would get a pressure drop of 15+ psi, but not anymore with your FASS 150! I cannot get it to drop more than 1psi! No matter how hard I push it! 70psi boost, 600hp, and 1 psi drop! That is outstanding! You have made a customer for life and have been incredibly helpful. This is the first review I have ever written and I wanted to see to it that people know about it!"

"Smoother motor all across the board"

Keith - of Ohio writes:
"Installed yesterday and all I can say is it's awesome so far. 1st - it starts a lot quicker. 2nd - motor noise is a lot quieter. 3rd - fuel pressures were 25 and 35 now close to 40 at idle and near 55 at 1500 with no load. 4th - and probably the most important to me is the bottom end power that it gave it (timing at 14.5) 5th - smoother motor all across the board. 6th - in my motor it made an extra 3lbs of boost.

I will let you know next week if there are any mileage improvements to be gained from it, but so far I would say it's one of the best improvements that I have made to the truck. Great product and great people also."


"One of the best diesel performance products out on the market today... BAR NONE!"

Darrell Crawford, Owner and Dan MacDonald, Manager of High Performance Diesel of North Texas write:
"I saw the testimonials on the website and I figured since I have installed a number of these, I would add my words to the wall.

Both Darrell and I have FASS on everything we drive. Me on my 2001 Dodge CTD and him on his 2002 Dodge CTD and 2000 Ford Power Stroke. We first got wind of the FASS because of a injection pump failure on Darrell's 2002 Cummins late last year. This failure was chalked up to a BIG module and not enough fuel pressure! This was at 27,000 miles and Dodge smiled and waved us down the road! We did some research and found your company. We liked the added benefits on having the fuel pressure and the removal of the air in the diesel. It seemed like a win win situation, but we remained skeptical. We ordered our first FASS system and were immediately impressed with the quality! 3/8" line, big fuel filter, HUGE lift pump! Seemed over built... the way we like it! We installed the new injection pump and the FASS. We immediately noticed the truck ran smoother and was quieter at idle! (Don't worry! It still rattles like a Cummins! Just more refined!) We also dropped 180 HP injectors and a fuel pressure gauge in the truck while the pump was out. The truck was a beast on the road! But with all the flogging, the 17 PSI worth of fuel pressure would maybe drop to 15-16 PSI under WOT!!! This sold us!

I got one for my truck and now my wife asked "What did you do to the truck that made it quieter?". My truck also has more pep from 30-70 MPH. We have since installed several for other people's trucks and have similar results with all. I think this is one of the best diesel performance products out on the market today...BAR NONE!

You don't drive around with air in your brake lines! Why you doing it with your fuel? Diesel injection is a hydraulic process. Air entrapment makes it less efficient! Simple as that!

Thanks for a great product! You have our support!"


"I couldn't do any of it without my FASS"

Patrick Howland writes:

"My name is Pat Howland, I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500. Since I installed my FASS system I have improved my truck in many ways. I have gained 2mpg, which has since paid for the pump. Also peace of mind, as I no longer have to worry if the injector pump is getting enough clean fuel. It doesn't matter if I am pulling 10K making a 1/4 mi pass or driving to work, I couldn't do any of it without my FASS. Since I installed my 150/150 on my truck I have put a 95/95 on my grandpa's truck, a 150 on my dad's truck and a 150 on the work truck."


"The install was a breeze"

98 2500 - writes:
"...I wanted nothing to do with another 'stock' lift pump. I didn't care about any hp increases, just wanted peace of mind. I will be pulling 8-9k soon with an enclosed trailer, so I purchased the FASS system right away. I can't give you dyno #'s, but the day after installing FASS I hooked up my 2k car trailer and drove from Rochester, NY to Columbus, OH to pick up a car. What I noticed right away was the upper rpm power the truck had. Usually it felt kind of flat at anything over 2200 rpm. With the FASS it would pull as hard and fast as I wanted to go. I had the trailer up over 85mph and it felt like an animal! That has to be the hp increase. The install was a breeze and Brad was always available to answer any questions I had. So far I'm happy with the system."


"I have never heard my engine idle soooo smooth"

Mundgyver - of Oregon writes:
"Just got my FASS installed this weekend. This is one strong looking unit. First thing I noticed is that it comes with all grade 8 bolts, not the cheap, soft ones.

Install was simple and straightforward. I have a flat bed and ended up installing the unit between the front bed skirt and tool box, just behind the driver's cab. It was just a fit and is totally covered from the elements except at the bottom.

After the install I did have a little trouble getting the pump to prime, but after filling both filters with fuel, she took off and started pumping.

First off I noticed the engine was a lot smoother at idle. I have never heard my engine idle soooo smooth. Also my PS high idle has always idled at 1200 to 1250 RPM. Now it idles at 1400. I guess I have always needed more pressure on my VP. I also noticed that when in 4th and really lugging the engine, she does not want to jerk and jump around. She just lugs and keeps on building RPM. I would recommend this unit to anyone that is tired of replacing the lift pump or wants the peace of mind of having a good pump.

Thanks Brad for the fine quality product you are putting out."

Part 2 - writes:
"All I can say, is :) :), the truck seems to accellerate alot smoother. My Egt's are down about 25 deg while cruising at 60mph back and forth to work. This FASS unit was well worth the investment. I am amazed that the old LP lasted this long. Next step is to plot the mileage numbers over the next month and see where it takes us."

Part 3 - writes:
" Well my mileage numbers are up. This last weekend I went over to Idaho and back. Last time I made this trip (pre-FASS) I got 21.3 mpg. This time I got 22.78mpg. The worries about loosing a lift pump are gone also."

"I love mine"

DSteinel - writes:
"I love mine, got about 7K on it and there has been no problems. It solved my running out of fuel at the end of the pulling track problem :) "


"Two thumbs up here"

DPugh - writes:
"Two thumbs up here. Idle pressure at 15.5 and on 5x5 WOT never pulls it below 14. Great system, neat looking too. Definately would buy one again!"


"The performance is more than I expected"

MEvins - writes:
"I absolutely love my FASS system. I no longer have any fuel starvation problems and the performance is more than I expected!"


"No problems with fuel gelling or starting"

CWebster - writes:
" I have had the FASS on my truck all winter and have had no problems with fuel gelling or starting. I wanted to wait until temps got pretty cold (and they have) before I decided whether or not to use the heating port. It doesn't look like it is neccessary and that is with leaving the truck outside in 0 or sub-zero weather with -10 to -15 below wind chill (at night)."


"The system will pay for itself pretty quick"

CSpurgeon - writes:
"Currently I have put about 8000 miles on it and love it! It puts out 17 to 18 psi all the time and can never pull it down. I have noticed that it starts ALOT better, the turbo seems to spool up quicker too. My mileage seems to be about 2 mpgs better than before. As much as I run the system will pay for itself pretty quick. The installation was pretty easy and relativly simple. I removed the OEM lift pump and filter, so my engine compartment isn't so cluttered :). The pump is really well made too. Really like the peace of mind that my fuel pressure is right. Really a great product and addition to my business!!!! :) Thanks!


"Thanks for giving me my truck back"

Mike writes:
"YOU LIED TO ME. You said this thing wasn't going to make "Edge EZ" difference in the performace of my 24 valve. My pump must have been very weak. Your FASS woke that thing up. It runs like a raped ape. I know you said you would never post on TDR again but that ongoing argument about you product is the first time I had heard of FASS. If it makes you feel better, them guys helped you sell one, no, make that two. My buddy, that we talked about in the cold that night, helped me install it and he is sold as well. He is waiting on cash that will be forthcoming in the next two to four weeks and I will be in touch with you on his behalf to place another order. I've bragged on you enough, now get to work on building that replacement for my VP44, and if you need a test truck... In all seriousness, thanks for giving me my truck back. If there is anything I can do, I owe you one."


"A great addition to my truck"

Mitch Kieffer - of Wisconsin writes:
"I am just dropping you a letter to let you know how pleased I was with your instant call back and knowledge that you shared on the FASS system I installed on my Duramax. The system installed easily with very little mechanical experience needed. The unit self-primes and the truck was running MUCH smoother, quieter and I am sure more efficient!!! I am running 437Hp and 1000lbs/ft at this time and this fuel system has no problems filling it's fuel demand. Thanks Brad for a quality product and a great addition to my truck!!!!"


"Cold weather starts...no problem!"

Kyle Anderson writes:

2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Quad Cab Short Box

I’ve worked in the diesel performance industry for many years and have had the opportunity to install parts from most of the major manufactures.  As a result I have formulated combinations of different aftermarket upgrades that I would like to at one point install on my own vehicle.  Recently I was able to purchase myself a newer diesel pickup, a 2008 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Diesel to be exact.

Having been a long-time supporter and authorized dealer of FASS Fuel Systems I knew this had to be one of my very first upgrades.  I choose to go with a full fuel package which would include a 95GPH FASS Titanium Series Pump (T D07 095G) and FASS Sump Bowl Kit (STK-5500) with a Bulk Head Fitting to help eliminate the quarter tank issue that I know is common in Dodge Cummins trucks.  I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of installation on the Sump Kit and was impressed with the construction of the tube that draws fuel from inside the bowl.  The best part of the installation however was the Titanium Series and their new Bolt on Brackets, a great improvement over the original mounts and took me only minutes to attach to my truck.  The rest of the installation went as expected and was easy enough even a do it yourself mechanic can install this in his garage with only the instructions to guild them. 

I have now put over 10,000 miles on my truck and have been very impressed with the results.  First I have had zero leaks with the Sump Kit, this is one of the top worries that I have found on diesel forum sites and among my customers.  Second I have tested to see how far down I can run my tank of fuel, again very impressed, I was able to put the tank all the way to empty without a hesitation or sputter.  Cold weather starts…no problem I have been running zero additives in our recent -17 degree weather and the truck fires right up every time.  From inside the cab I cannot hear the pump running and using my fuel pressure gauge I’ve been watching my fuel pressure hold steady, even when under full throttle with aggressive H&S Tuning.  My favorite feature of the FASS product though is the cross reference sheet for the replacement filters.  Its great while on the road to be able to just pull into any auto parts store and find a large selection of filters that fit the system!

Thank you all at FASS Fuel Systems for making high quality products and for always being there to answer the phones when I have a stupid question.  I will continue to support the FASS product line and will be suggesting to all my customers to use this same setup on their trucks as well. 


"This install is a real plus for the LMM Duramaxes"

Dean Eechaute writes:

2008 GMC Duramax

I wanted to comment about the FASS Titanium 95 I installed on my 08 GMC Duramax. This is one of the new no drill installations. First, I was impressed with the unit itself. The quality and completeness of the kit is very good along with the stock filter delete mod. The whole installation took about 4 hours altogether and I am really picky on how everything is routed and located. This install is a real plus for the LMM Duramaxes. The stock location of the diesel filter on my truck requires the front passenger wheel well be removed to get to the filter, now with the FASS system my water drain and filter are just behind the rear quarter panel below the filler neck.

With the system running, the pump is super quiet, I have to turn the ignition on with the driver's door open to even hear it before I start the truck. I saw an immediate difference in the idle and response of the engine. I used to get a bit of a rattle from under my dash with the truck idling but not anymore. It is too early to tell if there is any difference in my mileage but that is not the reason I wanted to install this system. I work as a field rep for a major business aircraft manufacturer and specialize in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. I have witnessed the damaging effects of air in the hydraulic systems and the degrading effects on its performance. Most of these systems run on 3000psi. The output of the direct injection on the Duramax can range from 23,000 to 28,000psi! I see the long term effects of air in this fuel system to be significant on the durability of the engine injection pump and the direct injectors. I plan on owning this truck for a long time and can easily see this install paying for itself many times over in the years to come. Thanks for a great product.