Class 8

"Works as advertised"

Rick Grambo writes:
"WOW! Great product, works as advertised. Thank you. Heard about it on TDR."


"You really are about the customer"

JBHale - of Texas writes:

"Brad, it was nice talking to you. You know you really didn't have to call and tell me about the scratch on the bracket. That goes to show you really are about the customer. Thank you for your time."


"Feel the improvement"

Mark Pagnucco writes:
"I got my truck back today from Frank at Noble High Performance in CT, and I can definitely feel an improvement. Off idle torque has DEFINITELY INCREASED! I'm running DD2 injectors an Edge Comp box and a Southbend FE clutch in my six speed. With the box off, 3rd gear starts require almost NO THROTTLE. I can tell the torque is there by the way the clutch feels, the motor will overpower the clutch with far less throttle. I pushed the truck a little tonight but I haven't really seen a real or dramatic improvement in top end power or mileage, but again, I only drove it about 15 miles. Fuel pressure is pegged at 15+psi, will not move.

Frank made one more improvement to the mounting bracket which I thought was good. He welded in a brace from the long leg of the bracket to the short side which stiffened things up nice.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase as I was one of the guys that bought the pump for reliability and if it made more power it's a bonus."


"Great piece of machinery"

Seth Niebaum, I.E. - of Wichita, Kansas writes:
"I ordered FASS from Western Diesel Performance a few weeks back and it was promptly shipped to me, I was actually surprised how fast it got here. Installed the system the following Saturday, April 17th. Great piece of machinery, I've been thoroughly impressed even though I've only had the pump for less than 2 weeks. I see fuel pressure at 15 psi and can barely budge the needle even under the most heavy acceleration. My brother is running FASS on his chipped Cummins with the same results. Again, great product and thanks for answering my questions before my purchase."


"How can you afford not to?"

Steve - of Ohio writes:
"I have a 1982 Peterbilt with a 3406-A Cat. I used to struggle to get 4.3mpg. The engine was hard to start and ran rough and missed for a few minutes. It always had air in the fuel return line. The engine surged during idling and smoked bad under a pull. I installed a FASS system and things really changed. The first thing I noticed was how much faster the engine started and ran smooth. The air was gone from my fuel return. After about 50 miles I noticed that the engine pulled better than it ever had. It had 3lbs more intake manifold pressure. The exhaust gas temp was 50 degrees less than before. And the biggest thing it was getting about 4.75 mpg. After about 2 weeks I settled down and drove a little easier and the mileage came on up to 5.0! I figured that I paid for the FASS system in about six months in fuel savings alone. I will never own another truck without a FASS system. How can you afford not to"


"I gained 1/2 gear on the hills"

Pete - writes:
"I love it. I gained 1/2 gear on the hills, lower pyro, smoother starting and running. Wish I did this a year ago!"



"Technical assistance was very helpful"

Eugene - writes:
"Love the product! Technical assistance was very helpful over the phone! Would strongly recommend to other people!"


"My only regret is that I didnt install this product sooner"

Chris - of Ohio writes:
"The recent installation of your FASS system has performed as well as you said it would. I installed the unit on a Cummins BC III 400HP with 550,000 miles on the last rebuild. The improved fuel mileage was enough satisfaction but the increased power was better than I expected. My fuel mileage went from 5.1 mpg to 5.6 mpg and that is a combination of highway and rural driving.With that kind of increase the system should pay for itself before the end of the year. The increase in horsepower allows me to pull hills a full gear higher than before. Shifting is smoother since the engine is so much more responsive. The engine idles like a kitten and I noticed that the back of my stacks don't turn black as quickly. I also noticed that since installing the system I don't get as much oil dripping from the engine breather tube. Every aspect of the performance from my engine has improved. My only regret is that I didn't install this product sooner. Installation was straight forward. I appreciated your help over the phone with the questions I had. I would recommend your system to anyone looking for an increase in the performance and fuel mileage.



Rob - of Missouri writes:
"I have a Cummins N-14 rated at 500HP. Right away I noticed an increase in acceleration and could hear a noticeable difference in the sound of the engine at an idle. I've been using the system for approximately two months and have been averaging a little better than a mile per gallon increase on my fuel. With fuel prices the way they are today, I can see that within a few months, the system will have paid for itself; and I'll be saving money, plus have a better performing truck. EXCELLENT!!! I have recommended your product to my friends; who are going to place orders soon; and would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money and have a better running truck! Thanks for a great product!