MFR (MASS Flow Return)

The Mass Flow Return (MFR) of the FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel pump continually “POLISHES” your diesel fuel by circulating it through the filtration process over and over. This method that we call our exclusive MFR feature, removes all types of fuel contaminants (Dirt, Air, Vapor & Water) during each pass through the FASS system, delivering the cleanest diesel fuel possible in the diesel industry!

Don’t be fooled by others out there claiming to offer the same feature. Only FASS offers a high flowing return system that continually returns unneeded diesel back to your fuel tank once optimal fuel pressure has been reached. This guarantees that the fuel reaching your engine is freshly cleaned and offers the coolest possible temperatures. Thanks to our pumps high volume flow, your diesel pump with filter the fuel in your entire fuel tank over a short period of time.