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Save Your Injectors

Over time, diesel injectors become dirty and clogged due to tiny deposits that are left behind as petroleum flows through them. If your diesel injectors are dirty, you could be saving much more on your mileage costs. Follow these instructions to save your injectors as well as increase fuel injector life. You will need a cleaning kit to complete your injector cleaning project and help save your injectors.

The first thing to do when cleaning a diesel fuel injector pump is to undo the pump and place the return line. Then connect the diesel injectors cleaning kit to the port located on the fuel rail and take the cap off of the fuel tank. The diesel injectors cleaning kit will create a pressure in the system so make sure you have turned off the ignition. After completing that step let the injector solution perform by opening the valve on the cleaning kit. Make sure the pressure reading touches the point that is apt for your car or truck. Turn the engine on to facilitate the flow of the solution. It should take about five minutes for the entire solution to be used up. Finally reconnect the fuel pump and replace the gas cap. Then connect the pressure regulator and test the functionality of the diesel fuel injector. Enjoy the life you just gave back to your engine!

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Eliminate Contaminants and Extend Fuel Injector Life

The benefits of FASS are substantial. Purchasing a FASS System will extend fuel injector life, eliminate contaminants and save your injectors.

Additional benefits of FASS include:

  • Increase injector life and dependability
  • Increase horsepower and torque
  • Lower maintenance cost means you save
  • Eliminates all types of fuel contaminants
  • Save gas mileage
  • Save on fuel pump replacement
  • Extreme filter life
  • Decrease carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • Outstanding cold weather performance
  • Increased injector life means you save
  • Universal fit options for all the diesel equipment in your life