FASS Powerstroke Diesel Performance Series

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FASS Powerstroke Diesel Performance Series

Take the diesel performance of your pickup to another level with FASS Powerstroke diesel performance parts. Designed and built to meet and exceed your needs and expectations in even the most extreme conditions, FASS offers various lines that are particularly well suited to the Ford diesel performance truck.

The HD Powerstroke series is the finest of all diesel performance FASS pumps. The large filter capacity makes this pump untouchable in the pickup truck and the leader in the Class 8 market, where long stays on the road and high volume (up to 260gph) are required. Our Powerstroke diesel performance parts offer versatility and superior performance for the pickup and set the standards in the Class 8 market. The HD series provides strength and reliability you can count on even in the most extreme conditions.

The FASS Titanium Powerstroke series uses the same blueprint as our HD series but is a smaller compact version to allow for better clearance and less visibility in a pickup. The Titanium series offers flow rates of up to 220gph.

For budget-minded pickup owners, our Platinum Powerstroke series features a single filter but maintains the high quality standards FASS is known for. Platinum filters are available with flow rates of up to 150gph.

Diesel Performance Improved with FASS

FASS diesel performance parts offers premium exhaust systems for the Ford PowerStroke, Dodge Cummins and Chevy Duramax diesels. FASS systems will lower your exhaust temperatures by as much as 200 degrees, while providing a quicker spool up time on your turbocharger. There are even fuel mileage gains with FASS performance parts, which will vary by individual driving style and location. The horsepower and torque gained will depend on your manufacturer and model of truck.

Extra power is great, but lower exhaust temperatures will allow you to make other performance modifications to your Dodge Cummins, Chevy Duramax or Ford Powerstroke diesel performance engine and still keep the exhaust gas temperatures safe.