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Pickup Diesel Fuel Pumps

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Titanium Series Fuel Pump

Our FASS Titanium Series Diesel Pump is a compact aftermarket diesel fuel pump and fuel filtration system that allows for less visibility and improved clearance in pickups. The Titanium series offers flow rates from 95gph up to 220gph and filters out air, water and debris.

Platinum Series

FASS Fuel Systems offers a complete line of Suction Tube Kits for diesel trucks. A perfect addition to our Titanium Series diesel fuel pump insuring maximum fuel flow by increasing the suction tubes diameter. Our Bulk Head Fitting also serves as a convenient fuel return port.

Titanium Series Replacement Filters

FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel filters provide superior protection to your diesel engine, removing water, air and debris as small as 3 Microns. The larger capacity of our filters reduces the number of diesel fuel filter services that will be required each year.