Performance Tuning for Duramax Diesel

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Performance Tuning for Duramax Diesel

Performance tuning for duramax diesel is made easy with the FASS Duramax flow enhancer. The Duramax Flow Enhancer is modeled around our successful Dodge Direct Replacement Pump series and is available for the GM Duramax. GM Duramax trucks do not have a stock lift pump which forces the injection pump to "pull" the petroleum all the way from the tank, creating a vacuum and constantly introducing more air and vapor into your fuel, therefore affecting your diesel performance. The Duramax fuel pump creates a positive flow, "pushing" to your injection pump, eliminating vacuum and drastically reducing air in diesel fuel.

For moderate to extreme performance trucks, more petroleum power is needed. For those tuning applications we offer the HD series in 150, 220 and 260 gallon per hour flow rate versions. Higher GPH systems are only for extreme performance trucks and may have problems when the fuel tank level is low. For more information about performance tuning for Duramax diesel visit our Duramax Fuel Pump page.

Buy Your Duramax Fuel Pump from FASS

The Duramax fuel pump is designed to give positive fuel flow to reduce the air and vapor caused by the injection pump's vacuum. Finding the right part for your performance tuning for duramax diesel project shouldn't be a challenge. With features like this, choosing to purchase your Duramax fuel pump from FASS and completing your tuning project will be easy:

  • Removes Air in Diesel Fuel
  • Consistent Flow
  • Reliable High Volume Pumps
  • Increases Horse Power
  • Increases Torque
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide
  • Lifetime Warranty on Most Tuning Applications
  • 15,000 - 17,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Up to 260 GPH
  • 160 Maximum PSI
  • Motor Has Up to 406 OZ Inches of Stall Torque
  • Interchangeable Filters