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Performance Diesel Tuning

Before the introduction of high performance diesel engines, performance diesel tuning was not popular, therefore not many diesel performance parts were offered.

Traditionally the diesel engine was slow and noisy, but the trend in recent years has been for high performance diesels to take a large proportion of the car market away from the gas engine car. Part of this change was the evolution and replacement of the high performance turbo diesel engine. The popularity of these vehicles has been further improved by a healthy market for performance parts available to the performance diesel tuning enthusiast.

Prior to starting your performance diesel tuning project it is important to understand how your diesel tuning equipment works.

Fuel Pump Replacement – Tuning Tips

FASS makes selecting the correct fuel pump replacement easy with our adjustable fuel pump, Dodge direct replacement and Dura-Max flow enhancers. When performing your own fuel pump replacement there are a few things to remember to avoid complications.

Whether a fuel pump is mounted inside a fuel tank or externally, the inside of the tank should always be inspected and cleaned if rust or debris is found in the pump or filter. If you're performing an in-tank fuel pump replacement, always disconnect the battery to prevent any unwanted sparks, and then drain the tank before removing the tank straps and opening the pump's retaining collar.

When installing the new fuel pump, use the replacement filter screen and replacement O-ring or gasket for the sealing collar. Do not "test" a new pump before it has been installed by jumping it. Running a pump in dry conditions with no fuel to lubricate it risks damage to the pump, so do not run the pump until fuel has been added to the tank. To complete your tuning project replace any braided or rubber fuel lines that are flaking or cracked with the correct type of EFI hose.