Benefits of Fuel Saving Devices

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Benefits of Fuel Saving Devices

In the past it was nearly impossible for high performance diesel tuning applications to run according to their brand specification. Air in diesel fuel was one of the causes to this problem. Water and other contaminants also contributed to this issue and, if ignored, caused engine failure and oil degradation. FASS devices put a stop to this by separating air and water from the fuel, thus giving the truck increased horsepower, better torque, saving engine parts and increasing mileage.

FASS fuel saving devices are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for many applications, making any diesel parts or fuel saving devices a worthwhile investment. The benefits of FASS range from removing all types of fuel contaminants to increased horsepower, torque and diesel truck mileage.

Getting the Best Diesel Truck Mileage

Getting the most out of diesel truck mileage and saving money at the pump is more important than ever. The FASS Fuel Air Separation System is a breakthrough filtration device that separates water, air and other contaminants from the fuel.

Diesel fuel usually contains contaminants that affect the performance of the engine and its devices. FASS fuel saving devices remove unwanted compounds while the petroleum is being delivered to the engine. The results are increased fuel efficiency, better performance, increased engine life and improved fuel injector life. With FASS, diesel applications will have an easier and quicker start.

From diesel performance parts to mileage saving devices for your truck, FASS has everything you need to get the most out of your diesel truck mileage.