Elite Diesel Performance vs. FASS

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Elite Diesel Performance vs. FASS

Features of the FASS Performance Line stack up against the competition. Elite Diesel Performance and other competitors have nothing on FASS Fuel Air Separator Systems and Pumps. Here's why:

  • FASS has over 20 consecutive years of building elite fuel delivery systems and pumps for the Class 8 market
  • Maintain better fuel pressure and longer filter life than Elite Diesel Performance
  • FASS was first to offer any type of warranty. Elite Diesel Performance holds the customer responsible for any additional costs or labor not covered by the warranty
  • We strive to give the customer the best quality & value therefore setting the standard for excellence. Online purchasing is also available for customer convenience
  • The FASS performance products and pumps running in your "everyday" application are the same products that will run in extreme conditions
  • The elite FASS performance product line insures the customer receives the highest quality product available in the market place. Every product has been tested to the highest standard before being released to the public
  • Everyday fuel pumps are designed to last from 15,000 – 17,000+ hours
  • FASS systems have about 20 - 30% more torque than Elite Diesel Performance
  • Fuel pumps offer elite performance in cold weather pumping capabilities and higher available pumping pressures
  • Purchasing diesel fuel pumps online is made easy with FASS
  • FASS understands the amount of continued research and development needed to maintain the standards we have set. FASS performance parts offer the most elite products at the best value in the market

Purchasing Diesel Fuel Pumps Online

Making your purchase online should be easy. That's why FASS offers all of our products available for purchase, including diesel fuel pumps, online. FASS online products have been setting the standard in the diesel industry today.

Ride with the latest cutting edge technology in the diesel industry and buy your diesel fuel pumps online today. If you have questions before your online purchase, please contact our customer service center.