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FASS Diesel Performance Parts

If its strength and reliability you want from your diesel performance parts then look no further. FASS performance parts provide the most effective technology designed specifically for engines to remove water, particulates and entrained air in diesel fuel lines. The FASS injector pump is used by drivers to maintain optimum fuel supply to get the best of their diesel performance parts and most importantly, their engines.

FASS kits are available for all models of popular light duty trucks as well as universal fit kits for other fuel injector systems. FASS air separator systems are available in various configurations with flow rates from 95gph to 260+gph. FASS air separator systems come with mounting hardware, hoses and the needed parts to make ordering easy.

Why Buy your Diesel Fuel Injector Pump from FASS?

The diesel fuel injector pump from FASS is proudly built in the USA. Our injector pump is the most adjustable high performance pump available today. We designed our diesel fuel injector pump to meet various psi and gph needs while incorporating boost compensating technology. FASS air separator systems improve the performance of engines, increases & saves injectors, improves horsepower, reduce "Hot Fuel" effects, black emissions and engine noise and make starting your engine much smoother.

Air in Diesel Fuel Line Dilemma?

Your high performance engine demands higher flow. Yet, higher flow increases the vacuum at the pump and agitation in the tank. These factors generate additional air in diesel fuel line systems preventing engines from producing maximum power and efficiency. Incorporating FASS diesel performance parts in your engine's petroleum delivery system will remove the trapped air in diesel fuel lines, which has been proven to cause galling and pitting of the injector barrel and plunger assemblies.

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At FASS parts we have over 20 years of experience building the quietest and highest quality fuel air separation systems and electric diesel fuel injector pump available worldwide.

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