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Diesel Injection Performance Products

FASS offers the best diesel injection performance products on the market today. Your diesel truck deserves hardworking, durable parts and FASS offers a variety of diesel injection performance products that, by comparison, are better than our competitors.

At FASS we pride ourselves on the excellence of our products as well as the reputation of the company. FASS diesel injection parts were invented by Brad Ekstam; President of Diesel Injection Performance Products, Inc. Through tests, discoveries and many comparison lineups the FASS product line was born.

As FASS systems grew in demand, there were more opportunities to discover the full potential of our products. Through countless hours of research and development, FASS has improved our product to be the best in a growing industry. FASS Diesel Injection Performance Products have had the privilege to be part of some of America's favorite racing, pulling and off-road teams!

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Diesel Performance Products Comparison

We are so confident in our injection products that we have performed countless diesel performance products comparison tests against our competitors. FASS has a patented process that removes air with one efficient method while our competitor uses two methods. The use of two methods during the comparison of the competitor's product shortens the usable life of the quality fuel filter while fuel pressure drops quicker. The air is bled off on the dirty side of the fuel filter, causing an undesirable loss in fuel pressure as the filter clogs.

The mass volume return (MFR) of the FASS system continually "polishes" the fuel as all of the fuel exiting has passed through the fuel filter. The more times the fuel passes through the filter the cleaner the fuel is. Our diesel performance products comparison shows that the competitors low volume return only cleans the fuel as it is needed by the engine due to the fact it only returns enough fuel to separate air.