FASS Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

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FASS Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

FASS has the best high performance diesel fuel injection pump on the market. The automated injection system allows the customer to tweak the gas pressure on the go. The boost compensation port also keeps the diesel fuel injection pump more consistent with diesel pressure keeping diesel pressure in line with the needs of the engine. Flow rates will range from 90 – 260+ gph and pressure from 0 – 100+ psi.

FASS offers Dodge direct replacements for all your tuning projects. Intended as a direct bolt-on diesel fuel injection pump, our DDRP gives the customer 2.5 times the flow rate of stock pumps.

FASS High Pressure Fuel Pump

The loss of petroleum compression when driving can constrain engine performance, lower fuel economy and potentially damage your system. A FASS high pressure fuel pump is a great option for replacing factory transfer pumps with a more dependable, high quality unit that will provide constant petroleum force and volume under any driving condition.

Choosing the correct high pressure fuel pump for your truck based on your performance modifications will provide optimum performance and fuel economy gains, while minimizing risk of damage to your system.

Don't forget each FASS high pressure fuel pump has a lifetime warranty on most applications.