BD Diesel Performance vs. FASS

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BD Diesel Performance vs. FASS

There are many parts companies out there that claim to be the best. BD Diesel Performance is one that claims they are just that. FASS diesel care systems however, offer exclusive features that are only standard with FASS products.

Performance Radius Cuts: PRC allows the fuel to flow smooth and freely to the injectors without any restriction. BD Diesel Parts can restrict fuel flow and confine injectors

MASS Flow Return: The MFR continually polishes at the rated gph of the FASS Fuel Care pumps. With this exclusive feature you're giving your injection system the cleanest fuel in the world! Parts from AirDog Performance only clean the fuel once, therefore decreasing injection system performance. AirDog Performance also only returns enough fuel to separate some of the air

FASS Silencing Technology: With our FST Technology, FASS diesel care systems developed the quietest systems in the world. BD Diesel Performance can't say the same.

FASS Diesel Care and Performance

FASS Diesel Care and Performance is bringing customers the latest in fuel technology. Most fuel tanks are mounted at two feet below and ten feet away from the fuel pump. This configuration creates problems with fuel delivery to the engine. First, the diesel injection pump has to draw the fuel from the tank by creating a vacuum which produces fuel vapor. Second, while the vehicle is in motion, fuel inside the tank causes air to become trapped within the fuel. The answer to this problem is the Diesel Care and Performance FASS Fuel System kit.