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Airdog vs. FASS

Airdog claims to be the best in the diesel performance parts industry so how are you supposed to decide who is best? The damaging effects of air in fuel are serious, so making sure you purchase the best diesel performance products can be a difficult task. FASS is committed to each and every customer and we want to help you make the best decision you can between Airdog and FASS.

Diesel Performance Products Comparison: FASS vs. Airdog

The diesel performance products comparison you've been searching for: FASS vs. Airdog Diesel Performance Parts.

Warranty Comparison - Both FASS and Airdog products carry a Lifetime Warranty on the Light Duty Truck models but there are some things to remember. FASS Diesel Performance Parts has a Lifetime warranty available for all Light Duty Truck models; the competitor does not. FASS customers can be assured that the length of our warranty is a testament to our company's stability.

Noise Comparison - For every decrease of 3 decibels in sound pressure; it is roughly half the audible sound pressure. We sell the quietest fuel air separation systems in the world, 9 – 11 decibels quieter or about twice the fuel flow.

Flow Rate Comparison - With a flow rate of 138 GPH compared to 102 GPH; FASS 150GPH model is unsurpassed against the competitor.

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